YouTube/ TikTok Fashion Videos

The skirts can be worn with stockings in winter. If you’re going to rock them with boots, you can actually wear them with leggings as well if you need to stay warm. All these skirts stretch. Click on the images to shop. As for the first animal print skirt, here is a link for the larger size

Uplift Native Voices #UNV: Wampumpeg

I feel very fortunate to be living in a part of America that has Native communities and Native museums.

When I first got to America, I felt like I walked in on an argument. I arrived here via Botswana/ South Africa in February and the year was 2004. We arrived via New York (our port of entry) and it was SO COLD my fingers lost feeling.

Latoya Francis

For a long time, we’ve thought of interviewing the people that make up our philanthropic/ business world. From clients to those we work with via B2B partnerships.

Latoya Francis happens to be one of those we do supply. She is the founder of Dhamiri-i, a nonprofit organization that is based out of The Cayman Islands and Jamaica.

KFC in The East African Community

So here is an article from Boniface Otieno via Business Daily Africa that frames the issue for anyone that is still unaware about how KFC went into The Developing World to do business.

Tomorrows Without Them…

Thinking of my father on his birthday. I don’t have many pictures of him but this is my favorite (and I know, I post it every year). It was sometime in the ’50’s around his Navy days and although from this photo he looks like he might have been a cocky dude, he was not at all.

Pharmaceutical Companies: Opioid Crisis Update

A Cleveland, Ohio jury found Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens pharmacies played a role in fueling America’s opioid crisis by failing to monitor prescriptions. This verdict marks the first time retailers were found responsible for their roles in the crisis.

Another Way: Biodiesel

I first learnt of biodiesel because of our international director at Anderson University, Indiana. He had a ‘french fry car”.
As the discussion goes on about the green way forward, I thought it would be important to share certain articles that can help inform us on another way.

She. Is. Salve.

She says things that make me want to grab a pen and write again
She talks and uses terms like “The History of Women” in sentences or inspires me to title pieces as “Girl Child Raised By a Rebel Man”